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History Of The Wedge Golf Club

     Columbus Ohio First Black Golf Club Est 1954

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Charity Newsies 2018 Event

Wedge Golf Club sponsoring the 3rd Annual Family Pancake Breakfast March 3, 2018 for the charity newsies 2018.Charity Newsies  headquarters at 4300 Indianola Ave.

The Ohio Cup Association

The 2017 championship the Ohio Cup golf Association.Which is made up of seven teams throughout the state of OhioCleveland Akron Toledo Columbus Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio

History Of The Wedge Club

The Wedge Golf Club was the first black golf Club in Columbus, Ohio. And, this year (2020) we will celebrate our 66th anniversary as an active club


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About Us


The Wedge Golf Club was the first black golf club in Columbus, Ohio. And, this year
(2014) we will celebrate our 60th anniversary as an active club.

The first meeting of the Golf Club was June 14, 1954. It was chaired by it's
founder, Arthur Bland. The purpose of the club was to promote golf in Columbus,
foster recreational activities, promote tournament play, and make golf as inexpensive
as possible.

The suggested names for the club were: Turf replacers, Fairington, Mayfair Club,
Wedge Club, Rolling Rock, and Blair House. The Wedge Club name was not approved
until the following meeting.

The first officers of the Wedge Club were as follows:
President: Arthur Bland ;Vice President: Russell Jackson ; Secretary: Shirley Poyntz;
Treasurer: Charles Pritchet.

At the first meeting there were thirty two members present. By the following year in
September 1955 they had a roster of 79 members (YES 79). I don't think all members
actually played golf but liked being in the club for social reasons. The dues were set
at $5.00 initial and $1.00 per month; $7.50 married couples, and $2.00 per month.

Sometime later (the date/year cannot be verified) the club split into two fractions.
One group wanted to be more of a social club with parties , dances, etc. as well
as being a golf club. The other group was the hard core golfers who wanted only
to play golf and not have the social activities. The social group formed a new club
known as the Capital City Mid-Irons (in later years became the TOT’S) The loyal
hard core golfers enjoyed the game . They had a home and away outing with the
Akron golf club once a year. And had tournaments to raise money for charity.

The Wedge Club is and has always been a nonprofit organization. At the end of each
golfing year, remaining funds go to various charities in and out of our community.
We have had youth golf programs to try to bring young people into the game. We
help sponsor a young black OSU golfer who was trying to turn pro. And we also have
a placard on one of the King Arts Center chairs indicating that the Wedge Club was a
donor. These things are just a few of the activities that we have been involved
in over the years to make us a solid community supporter.

The Wedge Club has always had good leadership that has kept us on good footing and
pointed in the right direction. Here’s hoping we continue for another 60 years and more. .


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