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The Wedge golf club photo 2013

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     Columbus Ohio First Black Golf Club Est 1954
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Charity Newsies 2018 Event

Wedge Golf Club sponsoring the 3rd Annual Family Pancake Breakfast March 3, 2018 for the charity newsies 2018.Charity Newsies  headquarters at 4300 Indianola Ave.

The Ohio Cup Association

The 2017 championship the Ohio Cup golf Association.Which is made up of seven teams throughout the state of OhioCleveland Akron Toledo Columbus Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio

History Of The Wedge Club

The Wedge Golf Club was the first black golf Club in Columbus, Ohio. And, this year (2020) we will celebrate our 66th anniversary as an active club


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History of the Nomads, An exclusive African American Golf Organization


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Collection of Videos & Photos Find up-to-date videos and photos on players, instruction, latest tournaments and TV shows.

Upcoming Events

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What is our mission?

The purpose and goals of the Wedge Golf Club is to foster a spirit of loyalist and fraternal-ism among its members and achieve unity of purpose and action in promoting the best interest of golf through the play of the game and promotion of the interest of golf in our youth. As a charitable organization, we also want to give back to those in our community who may be in need of assistance to better their lives.


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